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  • 1956 Ford Victoria - Bruce and Judy Ricks
  • 1956 Ford Victoria - Bruce and Judy Ricks
  • 1956 Ford Victoria - Bruce and Judy Ricks
  • 1956 Ford Victoria - Bruce and Judy Ricks
  • 1956 Ford Victoria - Bruce and Judy Ricks

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Building cars is more than just assembling panels and applying paint. For us it's a passion. A passion for cars, a period in time when the design of the car commanded your attention, and an appreciation for the ground work they laid. At Steve Cook Creations, we don't restyle cars beyond recognition, we finesse them to perfection. Paying homage to the past, but refining them to a look unseen before. We have the same level of passion for our craftsmanship and the work we produce.

1 month ago

Steve Cook Creations

Got our copy of Street Rodder Magazine in the mail today! Way kool to be on the cover with Kyle and Troy's cars. Such an honor! Thank you the photographers, and writers for such awesome pictures and write up. Also thank you to everyone that helped us build such an awesome car! ... See MoreSee Less


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I believe RC has one.

Just bought a copy!!! 😎Mike Cook

Awesome pic and article 👍🏻 Great build Congratulations

Congrats ....!!! Up there with" THE BIG" BOYS"....AWESOME...HOOYAH.....!

Congrats guys!!!!

Great job, as usual!!

Nice how long ago was your shoot?


Well deserved 👍👍

Just Awesome.





Well-deserved just such a great car builder

Awesome!!! Well deserved

You definitely deserve it!! 👍🏻


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3 months ago

Steve Cook Creations

Great article by our friend Josh Mishler on Bruce and Judy Cooke Ricks '40 Ford that we build and their Model A, in Rodding USA issue #35. Also an extra bonus of having Gil Losi's '56 Plymouth featured in the Advance Plating advertisement. ... See MoreSee Less


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Glad you guys liked the way it turned out.

What a great article!

Merry Christmas to y’all. Congratulations

Great job as always.. Merry Christmas y'all.

3 months ago

Steve Cook Creations

The term “street cruiser” takes on a whole new meaning when the subject vehicle is Bruce Ricks’ 1963-1/2 Ford Galaxie 500 Sports Hardtop; and cruising was exactly what Bruce had in mind when he commissioned Steve Cook Creations of Oklahoma City.

See more of this beauty here! --> bit.ly/2zUSnns
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Awesome work yet again

Stunning!!! ❤️

I looked it over at SEMA........WOW!


That is one fine mosheeen!

That's so beautiful

That is sweet

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